Month: April 2018

The People’s Resolution: Creating a Path Forward on Immigration

In the summer of 2017, more people had claimed Sanctuary in Colorado than any other state. That fall, four of us, Araceli, Ingrid, Rosa and Sandra, began to support one another across the miles. As we gathered our communities together, we identified a hunger to name the concrete steps elected officials can take now to Create a path to Status. The Sanctuary Four began consulting with lawyers, immigrant and faith communities to pull together simple, direct steps at the federal and state level to keep Colorado whole and strong. The People’s Resolution is the result of five months of work and study.

We know a majority of fellow Coloradans, regardless of political party, support creating a path and revamping our immigration system to be just, efficient and transparent. We invite Coloradans to walk with us to Create a Path. Endorse the Resolution and commit to action. Learn more and join us in engaging your local elected officials, businesses and faith communities.

The Resolution calls on the Colorado delegation, the Colorado legislature and the Governor to take steps now. Our families and communities will not wait.


The Washington Post tells Rosa’s story

Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post

By Stephanie McCrummen

Inside a tiny Colorado church, a woman who had been taking refuge for nearly nine months was sitting by a window, watching the snow drift down. She watched for an hour, then another, reminding herself for the 257th day in a row why she had chosen to be here, when there was a knock at the door.“Rosa?” called a voice from the hallway, and then she remembered. Today was the day of the surprise.

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