Month: May 2019

TONIGHT, Friday, May 3, midnight deadline. Call State Representatives and urge them to support The People’s Resolution

We just received word that Representative Becker just INTRODUCED PEOPLE’S RESOLUTION IN THE HOUSE!!!
We have until midnight to get this passed.  WE STILL have time, but we NEED everyone to step up to make it happen!
It will impact not only the 4 women who led this charge, but so many more.  Republicans are using tactics to run out the clock so things don’t get done, but some are actually supportive of People’s Resolution and some need a little loving support to be pushed to a YES vote.

You can check the status of the bill here:

Their offices are open, their staff is in, and the representatives are looking at their cell phones. WE CAN and WILL get their attention!  Use #PeoplesResolution and tag them on Facebook.

Patrick Neville (R) Ph. 303-866-5523
Twitter: @PatrickForCO

March Catlin (R)
Ph. 303-866-2955

Now, until midnight!  We can do it!