A Response for Scott Tipton

After a year and half, Representative Scott Tipton has declined to sponsor Rosa Sabido’s Private Bill for Permanent Residency. Join supporters across the state in writing and calling Rep. Tipton to share your disappointment in his decision and demand that he take action for immigrant rights!

Mail a letter:

Scott Tipton
835 E. 2nd Ave, Suite 230
Durango, CO 81301

Make a phone call: (970) 259-1490

Send a fax: (970) 259-1563

Send an email: https://tipton.house.gov/contact/email

Phone Script: My name is (name) and I constituent from (where you live). I am calling to express my disappointment and frustration that Rep. Tipton has declined to sponsor Rosa Sabido’s private bill. I expect him to recognize my support for Rosa and for humane resolution of immigration issues. I am asking Rep. Tipton to support Rosa’s private bill and to cease support for the President’s State of Emergency and inhumane immigration policies.