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1000 Days in Sanctuary Campaign


Dear Sanctuary Supporters,

We’ve all been wondering how and when Rosa will get to leave Sanctuary.

The only way for Rosa to get out of Sanctuary is for a Private Bill for Lawful Permanent Residency to be passed by the two houses of Congress and signed by the President.

We have been advised that now is the time to attempt to introduce a private bill in order to move the process along the timeline that we need. In order to do this, we need to find sponsors for this bipartisan Private Bill.

The 1000 Days in Sanctuary Campaign will target Colorado’s District 3 representative, Scott Tipton for the second time. We are engaging with Rep. Tipton again because his House seat is contested in the upcoming 2020 election and we hope to bring Rosa’s case and immigration reform into the state and national conversation as we approach November. We are grateful to be receiving immense strategic support from Michelle Ferrigno Warren, who is a longtime support of immigrant rights and is running to represent Colorado in the U.S. Senate.

Our goal is to gather 1,500+ District 3 constituent signatures to publicly present to Rep. Tipton in early 2020. This means that we need your signatures and support as far north as Craig and as far east as Pueblo!

How can you help?

  1. Sign the petition!
    You must be a registered voter in Colorado District 3 in order to sign (list of counties below). If you are not a registered voter, register here.
  2. Become a signature-gatherer in your county!
    Email to learn how.
  3. Talk to people in your community about the campaign and encourage them to sign if they haven’t.
  4. Join the delegation to present the petition in February.
    Email for more information.
  5. Support financially.
    Rosa has been in Sanctuary for 2 ½ years. This is a long process! Your ongoing financial support makes it possible for Rosa to fight for her freedom and for immigration reform for all. Sign up for automatic monthly support through Paypal, or make a one-time donation through Paypal or Rosa’s GoFundMe page.

Rep. Scott Tipton represents Colorado District 3

TONIGHT, Friday, May 3, midnight deadline. Call State Representatives and urge them to support The People’s Resolution

We just received word that Representative Becker just INTRODUCED PEOPLE’S RESOLUTION IN THE HOUSE!!!
We have until midnight to get this passed.  WE STILL have time, but we NEED everyone to step up to make it happen!
It will impact not only the 4 women who led this charge, but so many more.  Republicans are using tactics to run out the clock so things don’t get done, but some are actually supportive of People’s Resolution and some need a little loving support to be pushed to a YES vote.

You can check the status of the bill here:

Their offices are open, their staff is in, and the representatives are looking at their cell phones. WE CAN and WILL get their attention!  Use #PeoplesResolution and tag them on Facebook.

Patrick Neville (R) Ph. 303-866-5523
Twitter: @PatrickForCO

March Catlin (R)
Ph. 303-866-2955

Now, until midnight!  We can do it!

A Response for Scott Tipton

After a year and half, Representative Scott Tipton has declined to sponsor Rosa Sabido’s Private Bill for Permanent Residency. Join supporters across the state in writing and calling Rep. Tipton to share your disappointment in his decision and demand that he take action for immigrant rights!

Mail a letter:

Scott Tipton
835 E. 2nd Ave, Suite 230
Durango, CO 81301

Make a phone call: (970) 259-1490

Send a fax: (970) 259-1563

Send an email:

Phone Script: My name is (name) and I constituent from (where you live). I am calling to express my disappointment and frustration that Rep. Tipton has declined to sponsor Rosa Sabido’s private bill. I expect him to recognize my support for Rosa and for humane resolution of immigration issues. I am asking Rep. Tipton to support Rosa’s private bill and to cease support for the President’s State of Emergency and inhumane immigration policies.


Write and call your representatives this week to support Rosa

Join supporters by writing or calling your representatives this week as Rosa spends her second Thanksgiving in Sanctuary.

Sample letters of support you can use are available here:

If you would like to send your own letter or make phone calls, here are the addresses and phone numbers:

Senator Michael Bennet
Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Building
1244 Speer Boulevard
Denver, CO 80204


Senator Cory Gardner
721 19th Street, Suite 150
Denver, CO 80202


Representative Scott Tipton
835 E. Second Avenue
Suite 230
Durango, CO 81301


Representative Jared Polis
1220 S. College Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Raise Your Voice, Sign the Petition

Rosa Belongs Here! | ¡Rosa pertenece aquí!

Help stop her deportation by signing and sharing her petition today!

¡Ayudenos a parar su deportacion firmando la peticion y compartiendola!

Rosa Sabido took sanctuary at the United Methodist Church in the small town of Mancos, CO in June 2017. Rosa has called southwest CO home for 30 years. When her stay of removal was suddenly denied without explanation last year, she made the brave and difficult decision to fight to stay in her community with her family, and join a movement fighting for justice for all 11 million undocumented folks in the U.S.

Rosa needs our support to show Congress & ICE that the community is behind her, saying #RosaBelongsHere


Rosa Sabido tomó santuario en la iglesia United Methodist en el pueblo pequeño de Mancos, CO en junio 2017.

Rosa ha llamado a el suroeste de CO como su hogar para 30 años. Cuando su suspensión de deportación fue negada de repente y sin explicación el año pasado, ella tomó esta decisión valiente y difícil para luchar por quedarse en su comunidad con su familia, y unirse a un movimiento luchando por justicia para todos los 11 millones de inmigrantes indocumentados en los EEUU.

Rosa ocupa nuestro apoyo para mostrar al Congreso y al ICE que la comunidad esta detrás de ella, diciendo que #RosaPerteneceAqui